The o2 Joggler has arrived – review coming soon

The o2 Joggler has arrived   review coming soon Meet the o2 Joggler. Regular readers will know that sometimes we take a look at interesting new gadgets and gizmos, so we’ll be reviewing this o2 fridge-door-replacement device very soon. Unveiled just a few days back it’s actually an OpenPeak OpenFrame and o2 are now selling them for £149.99.

It hooks into your home WiFi or ethernet connection and has many uses – you can plug a USB stick in and use it as a photo frame (and have your photos as a screen saver), or watch movies from your USB stick, check your o2 Calendar for upcoming appointments, listen to music from USB or (very soon) from internet radio stations, play games, check the latest news, sports, weather news plus traffic information before you head out on the road. It’ll even act as your bedside clock with a built-in alarm. For me I’d like to have this in the kitchen, where I can view the morning news stories and check the traffic as I eat breakfast. It’ll also stream content such as pictures, music and videos from PC’s on your home network.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming review.

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