Powerstick USB Car Charger – Cheap deal

Powerstick USB Car Charger   Cheap deal Right, have a look in your pockets. Do you have £3 ? Great. Mine’s a pint of Carlsberg please. Now, if you’ve still got some money in the other pocket then this USB Powerstick may be worth a look. Available at the reduced price of just £2.95 for the next few hours, it’ll plug into your car and provide two USB slots. Simply stick your sync cable in and bingo – you’re charging your phone.

This deal ends tomorrow (Friday), but don’t get too excited just yet as there’s a rather hefty £3.95 delivery charge and we’ve found similar things on eBay for a a lot less. Buy one off eBay and you’d probably still have a few quid to get me that second pint you promised. 😉

Link – Firebox.com