6.5 Now definitely done. 7 to use Chassis system?

6.5 Now definitely done. 7 to use Chassis system? Recently a few big things happened in the Windows Mobile world. Number 1, information appeared on the net that future WinMo handsets could be sorted into Chassis. Chassis 1 is rumoured to be either at the heart of the much-rumoured “Pink” phone or future Windows Mobile 7 handset designs. The Chassis idea has already appeared in MS job listings and it’s here to see in full detail. Could this be an attempt by Microsoft to help update handsets quicker and roll out OS’s more easily? It would certainly make sense. Look at the all the Microsoft handset types, models and network versions out there that currently need supporting and updating. It’s a minefield.

Secondly the Windows Mobile Dev Team posted a Tweet stating that “For the record, Windows Mobile 6.5 is DONE… complete… looks really good IOHO and every bit functional.” We’re always glad to hear that an Operating System is.. err.. functional 😉 This means that handset manufacturers can now get a look at it and start providing it on phones.

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