Touch HD vs iPhone – Comparison photos

Touch HD vs iPhone   Comparison photos Hmm.. quiet ain’t it? I’ve been having a look at the iPhone recently and comparing it to the HTC Touch HD. Both are very similar in terms of size and shape but differ wildly when it comes to user interface and specs like camera resolution or the inbuilt FM radio on the Touch HD etc. On paper the Touch HD beats the current iPhone, however iPhone seems to have the edge when it comes to the user interface and purchasing experience through the App Store and iTunes.

You’ll have probably seen this elsewhere, but I’ve snapped lots of photos showing the two devices side-by-side. Day 4 of our “Week with” videos will be coming up shortly but, to be honest, I’m running out of things to compare. Any ideas on what you’d like covered? 🙂

Read on for the gallery and don’t forget to give me a nudge if you’ve seen anything we should be mentioning on

Link – Get yourself a Touch HD unlocked