The iPhone as seen by a Windows Mobile fan – Day 2

The iPhone as seen by a Windows Mobile fan   Day 2 Thanks to the nice people at o2 we’ve managed to borrow the iPhone for a number of weeks and throw a few tests at it. Day 2 of our video blog shows how various frequent tasks like ringtone changing and looking through your calendar.

I’m quickly realising that, although Windows Mobile has it’s strengths and there’s less choice of form-factors with the iPhone, the GUI and look-and-feel is maintained throughout the iPhone. The navigation system gives a feeling of cohesion and seamless transition between apps – something which is sometimes missing when you hop out of custom-GUI’s like HTC TouchFLO or Xperia Panels on Windows Mobile.

There’s more to come, plus don’t forget that you can watch it below or in high quality by clicking here.

Link – The iPhone. What’s it all about? Day 2

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