The future of mobile phones? Is it Zumba?

The future of mobile phones? Is it Zumba? The future of mobile phones is always a hard thing to forsee. However, the guys at IA Technolody appear to have their idea. Now, bear with us here because you’ll have no dount heard this before, but they claim to have created the worlds most completely accurate voice recognition system for mobile phones. As one of those people who’s spent endless hours shouting “DIAL NUMBER” to by car’s Bluetooth system I’m instantly sceptical, but they claim to have done it and therefore made the entire phone interface pretty much pointless.

In a BBC news item they uncover the Zumba phone – a credit-card sized object which has an earpiece built-in and slips onto your ear. It connects to an internet portal called… errr.. Zumba Lumba… that holds all your contacts and stuff. Sure, it’s possible to have phones small enough to hang off your ear, but do you really want to be parading round talking to your phone? Can you imagine it?

“Phone, send a text message to my wife. Message as follows. Hello sugar plum. I’ll be home later, big kisses from Honey Monster”


Links – BBC news videoIA Technology
Credit – Les