Didiom – Now available for touch-screen VGA devices

Didiom   Now available for touch screen VGA devices Do you feel like the odd one out ? All your mates have got the iPhone but you decided to be different and go Windows Mobile. How about a tool which will let you stream your iTunes library direct to your phone? Like the sound of that? Read on.

Didiom is something we’ve covered before but is now available for WinMo touch-screen devices with VGA screens like the Diamond. It’s not just iTunes stuff though, the app will let you navigate and play through your home computer’s music library wirelessly. Right now their beta is even more attractive with a cash bonus to reward prepaid users who purchase MP3 songs. There’s up to 35% bonus towards music downloads up for grabs. Ran Assaf, Didiom’s founder and CEO states…

“Didiom brings together what belongs together — placeshifting and over-the-air purchasing. Our goal is to meet the growing demand for placeshifting, and push interactive experiences beyond the handset itself with a minimal burden on the user.”

Try it out for yourself or watch this video to see it in operation.

Link – Didiom.com