Gecko Beta – Windows Mobile installer and possible store

Gecko Beta   Windows Mobile installer and possible store I’ll let you into a little secret. Installing stuff on your Windows Mobile handset can be a little complicated. Sometimes you get a CAB file, and that needs copying to your phone and running to start the installer. Sometimes you have an exe, but that could run on your PC or, in some cases, direct on your phone. Then there’s Zip files, MSI installers and well, it’s easy to see why people have problems.

Step forward Gecko. This is currently in testing, and xda-developers currently have a lengthy thread about the app. They’re looking for testers, people willing to list apps, donations and designers. It’s under development and there’s still a lot to do but this aims to be the Windows Mobile equivelent of the iPhone AppStore. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one. Let’s hope it receives the support and development to succeed, because Windows Mobile badly needs something like this to compete.

Links – Geckoxda-developers
Credit – Tom Ranson