Hey – my MP4 video won’t play!

Hey   my MP4 video wont play! So, I’m back in the UK and I’ve just plugged my Windows Mobile handset into my PC. I’ve got lots of videos that I’d like to copy across to my machine and view. They’re all in MP4 format, it’s just a matter of loading up Quicktime and….

..ahh… This message pops up. Helpful no ? The way to get around this is a little fiddly, but once you’ve done the first bit it’s easy enough to alter in future. If you’re using Windows XP or Vista then click “Control Panel -> Folder Options -> View” and then uncheck the box that says, “Hide file extensions for known file types”. Now you should find that your file has changed from something like “VIDEO0002” to “VIDEO0002.MP4”. Now right-click and change “MP4” to “3GP”. Accept the warning and then load up the video again in QuickTime and you’re away. In future you’ll just need to tweak the file name extension from “MP4” to “3GP”

Yes it’s a little annoying, but luckily there’s also another way – just download the free K-Lite Codec Pack with Media Player Classic and it’ll show the files without having to tweak anything at all 🙂

Link – K-Lite Codec Pack (Standard)