Remotely control your PC using your Windows Mobile

Remotely control your PC using your Windows Mobile T2 Remote Touch is a little like Remote Desktop / RDP / Terminal Services, however you’ll get quick control of your computer from your phone whilst still being able to see the computer screen. I’ve tried it out and the drag-and-drop screen navigation along with the quick overview and easy setup make it a very cool free tool.

This may prove useful to anyone doing presentations or remotely controlling your computer (providing you map through the ports etc) when you’re away from home. It’s free and is being constantly developed by Sanjay Thomas.

Link – T2 Remote Touch

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  • Thanks so much, if this would work, then you’r a life saver, I was looking for something to allow me to use the keyboard of my phone to input text on my pc, and all articles that came from Google were like VNC, Remote Desktop and such things, useless for me. Thanks again.