HTC Touch 3G action – review coming soon!

HTC Touch 3G action   review coming soon! The original HTC Touch was a huge success and changed the way that Pocket PC handsets were viewed. It was small, sexy and had a funky new interface. Sure, there was a lot packed into the small package, but now people are after more from their phone. The original Touch lacked 3G, so the new version has this plus there’s a faster CPU, enhanced GUI, GPS, upgraded camera and a whole lot more.

I’ve secretly being carrying this around over the past couple of days and there’s now two YouTube videos for you to enjoy here and here. This is the brown version – yes, brown. It’s a nice shade of brown though, and it did make it look different to the various other silver and black handsets in the office. The videos will give you a tour around the handset, a look at the GPS in action, Opera browser, TouchFLO interface, where the SIM and microSD cards live and a lot more. Read on to watch them and stay tuned for the full review. You’ll be able to buy this network-free from very shortly.

Links – HTC Touch 3G Video 1HTC Touch 3G Video