Face-off – Sony Ericsson X1 and T-Mobile G1

Face off   Sony Ericsson X1 and T Mobile G1 A great review of the Sony Ericsson X1 is now available on jouwmobiel.com. What? You want more? Well, how about a comparison with the T-Mobile G1 huh? Now you’re talking.

Both articles include screenshots, up-close shots, videos and, by the looks of it, fifty glasses of wine. The conclusion? Well, it seems that the text is quite small and the panels interface caused some concern there’s some concern about the X1 “panels” interface and how easy it is to control the device with your finger. The build quality and design do receive praise however, and overall the device scores highly.

Link – Sony Ericsson X1 ReviewT-Mobile G1 vs Sony Ericsson X1