Windows Mobile 7 delay?

Windows Mobile 7 delay? With HTC starting to make non-Windows Mobile phones, the iPhone dominating headlines and Google Android appearing today, the very last thing Microsoft need is a delay with Windows Mobile 7. Alas, this seems to be the case according to this CNET article. Partners have reportedly been told that the final release won’t be available in the early part of 2009, and they’ll have to wait until the second half of the year.

This could mean that Windows Mobile 7 handsets sporting the new version may not appear until Christmas 2009. The timing couldn’t be worse, especially on a day when Google show off their new handset. There is, of course, the possibility that this is just rumour generated by those wishing to compete with Windows Mobile, however we’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on this story as it unfolds.

EDIT – Anyone remember this leaked Windows Mobile 7 image? Has anyone noticed just how similar it is to the HTC S740 interface we saw the other day? Read on to see !

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Credit – Rob Elliott Hands up if you remember these leaked documents ? The news story appeared in January and flew around the net. It apparently showed Windows Mobile 7 screenshots, including a new homescreen with “subtle and graphical transitions”. The image in question is below, however we’ve noticed something equally brilliant in the HTC S740 we looked at the other day. You can see screenshots from the S740 on the bottom part of this picture. No doubt many may be asking why it’s taking Microsoft so much time to implement such a “glossy interface” when HTC can do the same in months?

Windows Mobile 7 delay?