TouchFLO 2D – TouchFLO 3D without a new phone

TouchFLO 2D   TouchFLO 3D without a new phone So, I’ve just had an email from Stephen Murray about something called TouchFLO 2D. It’s a CAB file which you can install and get the same experience as the excellent HTC TouchFLO 3D system seen in the excellent HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro.

So far it’s been tested on a few devices, the Kaiser (HTC TyTN II), Nike (Touch Dual) and others, but I had to try it myself to see just how good it was. Surely this couldn’t get near the HTC TouchFLO 3D experience? Well.. it can. I was shocked at how smooth this was. There’s a main CAB file plus a YouTube CAB file to install, plus you’ll need Opera and Google Maps installed to get everything working. Sure, you don’t quite get the crystal-clear graphics like the raindrops in the weather tab like TouchFLO 3D, but just take a look at the quick video I’ve just recorded. This is amazing to see.

Now, how much of this is legal, well that’s a whole different kettle of fish. Read on to watch it in action.

Links – TouchFLO 2DOur video

Credit – Stephen Murray