Forum tweaks to stop spam

Forum tweaks to stop spam During the last few days you may have noticed some spam messages appearing in our forums. These usually advertise some mobile phones with a fake UK postal address. Many thanks to everyone who’s spotted them and informed me – also to the excellent mods for tackling them. I’ve now added some extra security to stop messages like these being posted, so you should see either a lot less of them or none at all.

While I’m here, I’d just like to update you on the “Week with the HTC Touch Pro” videos. These are all waiting to be edited at the moment, I’m having a lot of my time taken up with insurance nightmares following my car crash last week. It seems that the damage is going to cost more than 7 grand, which would make my car a “write-off” and leave me without wheels – all because Lexus parts are hugely expensive to buy. As of Wednesday I’ll have no transportation, so working around this is becoming a pain. If you can sell me a car at a massive discount, let me know ;).

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