HTC Touch Pro showing as in stock online

HTC Touch Pro showing as in stock online It looks like the HTC Touch Pro should be available any day now. Scouring the internet Fola Bello has already found it as “available” on for a whacking £521.95. Elsewhere expansys are showing it as available with a four day delivery time for £519.99.

So, who’s got £500-odd knocking around? Anyone? 🙂 I’ve just watched this video interview with Peter Chou (who I’ve met and is a really cool guy), where he talks about the Touch Pro and it’s capabilities. There’s a bigger battery (1350 mAh) than it’s thinner keyboard-less Diamond brother, microSD storage, TV-out and a 5-row QWERTY keyboard.

If anyone has one of these that they’d like us to review, let us know ! 😉 Me want!

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Credit – Fola Bello