o2 show the HTC P6500 as the XDA Mantle

o2 show the HTC P6500 as the XDA Mantle The HTC P6500 got reviewed here some months back and there’s no certainly no way you’ll lose this workhorse in your coat pocket. It’s a big, beefy handset for industrial applications and comes with a fingerprint reader to keep people away from your sensitive data.

o2 are now showing it on my-xda.com as the o2 XDA Mantle(piece?) complete with full XDA branding. There’s no sign of it on the normal o2 site though, plus we’ve still seen nothing of the HTC Touch Diamond on o2. Our sources are casting serious doubt on o2 picking it up yet – if at all – because it squares up against their iPhone thing-a-mee-jig.

Links – my-xda.comHTC P6500 Review
Credit – Johnny De’Silva