Opera Mobile 9.5 Free Beta – Now available!

Opera Mobile 9.5 Free Beta   Now available! Following a slight delay Opera Mobile 9.5 is now available to download for all. The finished beta is completely free and will give you a little whiff of the excitement surrounding the HTC Touch Diamond (which features the browser as default) even if you can’t get the phone itself.

A slick experience awaits you, with normal websites looking just like they do on your desktop. We urge you to download this now – it’s a quick and beautiful browsing experience for all touchscreen Windows Mobile phones. To get it, download the cab file to your computer. Then copy that across to your device and execute it in File Manager to install. You should then see a new “Opera 9.5 Beta” icon on your device.

Thanks to everyone who gave us a nudge about this. Let us know what you think 😉

Update – Install this on your internal memory and not the Storage Card for best results !

Link – Opera Mobile 9.51Direct Download