Beat the petrol prices – earn cash while you travel!

Beat the petrol prices   earn cash while you travel! I’ve just managed to get myself a HTC TyTN II handset to keep (aka T-Mobile MDA Vario III / O2 XDA Stellar / Vodafone v1615 / AT&T Tilt etc etc) and I’m currenly loving having GPS and WiFi once again. GPS will shortly become even more widespread when the HTC Diamond becomes available – it’s a designer handset aimed at the mass market, so even more Windows Mobile users will be using Google Mobile Maps and other navigation tools.

One excellent navigation tool we haven’t mentioned as yet (and thanks to forum member Blewer for pulling us up on this), is Navizon. It’s the first positioning system to combine GPS with WiFi and phone data. The software will triangulate signals from WiFi access points and cellular towers to locate your position, so even if you don’t have GPS but do have WiFi you’ll still be able to find your way around with pretty decent accuracy.

The Navizon network is based on a collaborative database, so they need the help of those lucky enough to own devices packing GPS and WiFi to build their database and deliver better results to customers. If yours isn’t in-built, don’t worry – Bluetooth GPS receivers are fine too. Best of all, you get PAID for finding WiFi hotspots and network transmitters. Result! The more you find, the better – so if you’re a delivery driver, travelling salesman or you drive different or long routes daily, this is for you. Just click here to register and create and account, then pick up your phone and browse to to grab the program.

After a bit of driving, log in to the site to see how much data you’ve sent and where you’ve been. The payment works on a points system. If you find a wireless access point, you’ll get 3 points. If you find a new network transmitter you get 15 points. If they’ve already been mapped and detected by others, you get 1 and 2 points respectively. Once you hit 10,000 points you’ll get $15 (around £7.66) straight into your PayPal account. Now, whilst 10,000 points may sound like a lot, I’ve been testing this out. Just from my house I’ve already detected 6 new wireless access points, and I haven’t even moved yet – that’s 18 points. With nearly everyone getting free wireless routers with their broadband service now, it’s all too easy to pick up hundreds and hundreds of points in residential areas. You can also add buddies or groups and be notified when they’re near. The software is completely free for personal use, so it’s a win-win situation. Get downloading, get driving and get earning!

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