Wot no iPhone? Can the Touch Diamond steal the show?

Wot no iPhone? Can the Touch Diamond steal the show? For the geeky amongst us, you may be interested to know that the HTC Touch Diamond has now popped up at the FCC. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is a US agency charged with regulating communications in or originating in the USA. This document shows that the US launch is obviously on track.

However, we’ve spotted quite a few stories about the iPhone of late. Many have compared the new Touch Diamond with the iPhone and now supplies of the Apple device are vanishing across the UK and USA. It’s showing as “currently unavailable” on the Apple store in America and across the o2 and Carphone Warehouse here in the UK. There’s no 8Gb version and no 16Gb version available. The 3G version is obviously just around the corner, and we can only presume that it’ll be available just on o2. With this happening, other networks – such as T-Mobile and Orange, may use the all-new HTC Touch Diamond as a competitor – possibly promoting it heavily to stop customers moving away from their networks.

We now have 50 images from the Diamond launch event online. You can see the new on-screen keyboard, volume control and me browsing a rather excellent website on it. We’ve also been tweaking the design of coolsmartphone.com today to make things simpler and more readable. A new font has been introduced and a lot of the duplicated menu items have been removed.

Links – FCC.govHTC Touch Diamond Images