Remember spotting the HTC Touch Diamond two months ago?

Remember spotting the HTC Touch Diamond two months ago? There’s a helluva lot of news floating around right now about the “all-new” T-Mobile MDA Compact IV. It is, of course, the HTC Touch Diamond we’ve been covering the last few days. Despite our best efforts we’ve been unable to find a mention of it on the T-Mobile website, however it’s apparently confirmed and will arrive in July, a little after the official start of sales direct from HTC.

We actually saw the T-Mobile MDA Compact IV handset over two months ago. Yes, the real HTC Touch Diamond was actually on show at Cebit back in early March by T-Mobile with the exact specs we saw in the press conference. Err….Whoops..

Orange also confirmed that it would be announced on their network during the launch yesterday, however when I asked whether Orange had plans to alter their fairly restrictive data allowances, I was told that the animal packages had recently received a “refresh” and that mobile data was important – shown through devices like “mobile USB dongles”. Umm.. yeah, but that doesn’t make up for the hilarious 30Mb-per-month cap on their “Anytime browsing” packages, does it?

We can also confirm that yes – o2, Voda and Three will also be carrying the HTC Touch Diamond too. Expect news from those guys soon.

Update – Thanks for all your questions by email guys. To answer a couple of quick ones – no, there’s no expansion slot – you get 4Gb, end of. Reason? There wasn’t any more physical room – this is a very slim phone. Also, there’s no camera button, but getting to the camera app is really easy.

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