Windows Mobile 6.1 coming to existing T-Mobile kit?

Windows Mobile 6.1 coming to existing T Mobile kit? Following our story earlier which detailed Windows Mobile 6.1 on the Vodafone v1615, we’ve had word from Craig Rider that T-Mobile may be ready to do the same thing for their phones, and it may also include the T-Mobile Touch Plus (aka HTC Touch Dual). The email from T-Mobile (UK) customer support reads..

“Thanks for your email Craig, asking me about the availability of window mobile 6.1 version for your Touch plus phone.

I’d like to tell you that Windows Mobile 6.1 version hasn’t been released with us yet. However, Windows Mobile 6 version is available.

The 6.1 version has been released outside T-Mobile and will be released by us soon in the future. I’d also like to tell you that if you upgrade to this version from elsewhere it might effect the warranty of your phone.”

So, apart from some slightly dodgey English grammar, this effectively says.. “Yep, well be releasing Windows Mobile 6.1, oh and don’t try those ROM’s you’ve seen floating on the internet or we’ll smack you.” It’s not all too clear whether Windows Mobile 6.1 will be released on a new handset or whether it’ll be available for existing T-Mobile handsets, however the fact that Craig asked specifically about his T-Mobile Touch Plus is encouraging.

Link – T-Mobile Touch Plus