Update all your social networking sites on the move

Update all your social networking sites on the move Yep, we’ve succumbed to several social networking sites recently. Perhaps the most useful from a mobile perspective is Twitter.com – this is pretty cool because you can update your status and tell all your mates where you are via a single text message. You can even sync it up with facebook.com and other sites to update your status there too. Oh, and while we’re discussing facebook, you can sign up to our coolsmartphone group here. It’s the place to be if you’re a regular visitor, plus you can even add me to your list of friends if you wish! 🙂

We’ve covered “blogging by mobile” before, but I think the twitter solution is probably the easiest. Within minutes you can get a dedicated page with all your thoughts and activities – direct from your phone. Even if you don’t want to integrate it into a social networking website, you can choose to add it directly to your own blog page – like this. People can even sign up to “follow” you, and you can then follow them. It’s a great way to know what everyone is up to instantly. I even posted an update while queueing in the bank this afternoon!

Links – twitter.comCoolsmartphone facebook group