Vodafone v1615 to get Windows Mobile 6.1

Vodafone v1615 to get Windows Mobile 6.1 Steve Hurcombe has just emailed in about Windows Mobile 6.1 He’s got himself the rather tasty Vodafone 1615 (the Voda version of the HTC TyTN II) and he wanted to know if it’d be updated to 6.1. Now, here at Coolsmartphone Towers we’ve got so used to networks saying, “No, we’re not doing complete OS upgrades”, that we nearly fell over when Steve got his reply …

“An upgrade to 6.1 for the 1615 is currently in testing by Vodafone. This is targeted for release at the end of May.”

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one to see if Voda deliver. Let’s hope other networks follow suit!

Update – We’ve had confirmation of this from Vodafone just now. This is fantastic news – are you listening other networks?! 😉

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Credit – Steve Hurcombe