Mologogo – Free GPS tracking and sharing

Mologogo   Free GPS tracking and sharing This is Mologogo – free software for Windows Mobile phones that lets you see where you are and where you’ve been, share your location with friends, keep track of children, employees and vehicles plus you can share your location inside web applications including Twitter. Best of all? It’s completely free.

But wait, this isn’t just for GPS-equipped phones. You can also use the software by grabbing information from your network phone masts. Grab it direct from your phone by browsing to or go to on your PC for more details.

I’m going to give it a bash right now!

Update – I’ve tried this out today on a Windows Mobile phone without GPS and it works really well – it’ll upload your data to a central server, you then just log into to see where you are and where you’ve been – check out more below.

Link –

Mologogo   Free GPS tracking and sharing

Above you can see a shot after I’ve logged into my account. I can wave my mouse over each waypoint and it’ll tell me what time I was there – plus there is (of course) greater accuracy if you use a GPS device. You can also increase or decrease the amount of times data is sent back to keep within your data package.

I can see where I’ve been, plus it’s so easy to setup. The program (which, by the way, is touch-screen only) just runs and starts sending data back – it’s such a great (and free) way for small companies to track their vehicles or workers. It’ll even respond to a text message automatically, telling your friends where you are – top stuff. We like this ! 🙂