Wot No British Summer Time ?

Wot No British Summer Time ? OK, now the other night I was up at 1AM feeding our new baby. I thought I’d just check the time (there’s always a lot of checking so you know when the last feed was etc). It was Sunday March 30th at 1AM so the clocks should go forward here in the UK for British Summer Time (BST). Yep, sunny evenings and barbeques here we come..


For some reason, my brand-new HTC Touch Dual completely ignored the change. My other handsets switched fine – even an old Orange SPV I have knocking around. I figured it was the lack of sleep, so I double-checked I had the correct regional settings etc. All were fine, but the Touch Dual is still on GMT / UTC. So what gives? I’ve spotted a couple of posts in the forum from others having the same issue, so let me know if you’ve experienced the same thing!