Adobe Flash is coming to Windows Mobile

Adobe Flash is coming to Windows Mobile We thought we’d leave it a day before covering the news that Microsoft are to license the Adobe Flash Lite software. Why? Well, like the news itself, this is better late than never. It seems, finally, that Microsoft are willing to give consumers what they’ve asked for.

The Adobe press release states..

“The Flash Lite 3.x browser plug-in for Internet Explorer Mobile on Windows Mobile will provide users with access to rich and interactive web content created using Adobe Flash® technology. As the most popular and ubiquitous format on the Internet today, Adobe Flash powers many rich and engaging web sites, applications and animations.”

Following the launch of Silverlight (which is coming to Windows Mobile soon) it’s good to see that Microsoft are embracing other technologies and software on Windows Mobile. It shouldn’t be all about “what software is Microsoft-powered”, it should be about which is best for the consumer, so it’s good to finally see moves like this happening. Let’s hope Microsoft let me easily change the home page of my Pocket Internet Explorer from Windows Live to Google sometime soon too!

Link – Adobe Press Release