Get the SmartFlip – just £60

Get the SmartFlip   just £60 Just spotted over at Jason Langridge’s Blog is this, the i-Mate SmartFlip. It’s known also as the HTC StarTrek and QTek 8500 and runs on Windows Mobile 5 (Smartphone). It’s been around for some time now, offering a 1.3 megapixel camera with dual colour screens and a microSD card slot. The quad-band handset only gets GPRS and EDGE data, but this is completely unlocked, so feel free to pop into town and get any Pay As You Go SIM card. It’s available now for just £60 at

Amazingly enough this is a phone we’ve never really had chance to play with, so I’m going to get one in – you can even (if you wish) upgrade it to Windows Mobile 6, although you’ll need to use unofficial methods which we would never recommend as it could brick your phone.

Link –

Credit – Jason Langridge’s Blog