iPhone clone runs Windows Mobile 6

iPhone clone runs Windows Mobile 6 OK, so all your mates have gone out and bought an iPhone. It’s great for showing off and the interface works well, but how can you compete? Well, you need a “don’t ask who made it” phone called the “Daxian X999”, which is also known as the “T32”, “Cool999”, “Dax X999” or “Dax T32”.

On the face of it, this is filled with some ripped software from HTC and VITO combined with a GUI that emulates the iPhone. Available to purchase now from tronicvasion.com for $374.99 (£184.62) it’ll probably also appear up on your local market stall. It’s a tri-band GSM iPhone knock-off (check out those logos) which runs Windows Mobile 6 on a TI OMAP 850 CPU at 200Mhz. The T32 version appears to have WiFi and possibly GPS, although it’s not particularly clear.

If you have one, or your thinking of forking out for one, let us know. I think I’ll stick to my HTC Touch Dual. Check out the YouTube videos below for more on this.

Links – tronicvasion.comYouTube Video 1YouTube Video 2