HTC S730 launched on o2 as the XDA Atmos

HTC S730 launched on o2 as the XDA Atmos o2 UK have just plonked the HTC S730 on their website as the “o2 XDA Atmos“. It’s currently sat in the business section of their site, retailing for absolutely nothing on certain packages.

The XDA Atmos, which we reviewed some months back, has 256Mb Flash with 64Mb ROM and 3G / HSDPA connectivity with quad-band EDGE / GSM. The Windows Mobile Standard (i.e. non-touch-screen) has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard tucked behind the numeric one and will also give you WiFi access and video calling.

The o2 marketing boys state..

“Kick start your business potential with the awesome power of the XDA Atmos. With portable email, over the air synchronisation, high speed browsing, 256MB ROM / 64MB RAM and Video calling your abilities are limitless.”

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