MDA Touch Plus now available at T-Mobile UK

MDA Touch Plus now available at T Mobile UK Kieran Russ has just emailed in to say that the T-Mobile MDA Touch Plus is now available from the T-Mobile sales team. T-Mobile launched the phone just days ago, and we’re yet to see it live on their site, but it’s available if you call them up on 0845 412 2401.

The MDA Touch Plus, aka the HTC Touch Dual, was previously only available from Orange and network free. T-Mobile are throwing their usual generous web’n’walk data plans and the ability to watch TV on your phone, plus there’s a good HSDPA network for speedy connectivity.

Kieran tells us that he’s called T-Mobile and they’ve currently got 135 in stock. If you’re looking for this phone on T-Mobile, be quick. Let us know if you’ve received your T-Mobile unit, what you think and whether you’ve got any pictures.

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