New HTC GUI appears on the web

New HTC GUI appears on the web Hello, what’s this? A secret new GUI leaked from a HTC insider? Yes, yet another mysterious blog has appeared and this time it’s not all smoke and mirrors – there’s a download link too!

The software itself may, or may not work and there’s no guarantees. We’ve tried it on several devices and it didn’t work, plus there was no way to easily uninstall it either – this is real bleeding-edge stuff aimed at developers, so we’d probably advise against installing this right now. The guys at have got it working and it looks pretty great, but as it’s still in development it’s currently quite slow. By the looks of things this is geared towards a future Orange handset as there’s links to Orange Downloads. It’s good to see HTC working on what looks like a full GUI for Windows Mobile. Let’s hope they correct the spelling of “Favourites” if it’s intended for a UK release ! 😉

Link –