Want that reminder sound to repeat? Now you can!

Want that reminder sound to repeat? Now you can! Last month I got well and truly stuck with what seemed like a simple request. Just how do you get the text message sound to repeat?

Sure, there’s a “Repeat” option on Windows Mobile Professional, but you’ll find that it’s permanently greyed out and there’s no way you can use it. There just didn’t seem to be an answer to this, although there were suggestions of alarm software that would do the job.

Thankfully Jason Langridge has now found the answer. It involves downloading the free Mobile Registry Editor to remotely tweak your registry. Connect your device, run the software and browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER, ControlPanel, Notifications. You then need to find the sound you want to repeat. As a rough guide the “New MMS” sound begins 0CD9B91C, the “New Email” sound starts with A877D65A, “New Text” is A877D65B and the missed call sound begins with A877D660.

Once you’ve found the sound you need click on “Options” and change the value to 1073741835. Once you’ve OK’d that you’ll get the “Repeat” option as shown here. Huzzar!
Link – Jason Langridges’ Blog