Vodafone 2008 Line-up – LEAKED!

Vodafone 2008 Line up   LEAKED! TheBoyGenius has blown the lid on the 2008 Vodafone Windows Mobile line-up. It features a mob of new handsets including replacements for the Treo 500v and 750v. HP are also on-board with two handsets whilst an ODM will be producing a Vodafone-branded QWERTY device. There’s non-touch and touch-screen devices to choose from here, but all include GPS in their armoury, so location and navigation will no doubt be part of the Vodafone advertising when these devices hit the streets.

We’ve dissected the specs-list of each handset in separate news stories below.

Vodafone v16xx ODMHP OakHP SilverPalm DruckerPalm Wanda

Link – Vodafone Windows Mobile 2008 line-up