HTC Advantage – A video overview

HTC Advantage   A video overview There’s one device I’ve been trying to get hold of for quite some time now – the HTC Advantage. It’s appeared in two flavours – the HTC Advantage X7500, running Windows Mobile 5 and the HTC Advantage X7501, running Windows Mobile 6. T-Mobile UK currently sell this device as the Ameo too, however I’ve only ever seen one briefly until a courier delivered one to me yesterday.

There’ll be a full review of this handset coming soon, however there’s nothing I like more than driving to a quiet country lane and getting my camcorder out. 😉 The result is this first look at the unit, where I do a quick tour of the Advantage and its’ removable magnetic keyboard. There’s no denying that it’s big, plus there’s probably not the same level of tactile feedback from the keyboard, but there’s still a lot to play with. GPS, WiFi, 3G / HSPDA, a 3-megapixel camera, TV-out, 8Gb hard drive, 624Mhz CPU and that “tilt to browse” HTC VueFLO technology is all packed into this device.

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