Windows Mobile – The future plans…

Windows Mobile   The future plans... Gizmodo have just posted a news item about the future of Windows Mobile. It seems that the issues with the current OS have been identified and they’ll be addressed in future versions of Windows Mobile. It won’t surprise regular readers to find that the UI (User Interface) is the biggest issue and something that manufacturers like HTC have already begun to address.

Microsoft Product Manager Derek Snyder is featured in the article, with Microsoft admitting that the OS is targetting enterprise customers too much – focus on regular consumers has been sadly lacking. Again, this is all stuff regular Coolsmartphone readers will probably be nodding about and it’s heartening to see changes being made in Windows Mobile 6.1 to attempt to redress the balance.

But what of Windows Mobile 7 or 8? Well, there’s tempting clues in the article about a newly overhauled IE that might actually be quick and usable on “normal” websites (not just mobile optimised ones) – like the iPhone browser for example. Email, SMS, photo and music apps will also get an all-new look. Windows Mobile 8 should apparently bring global search facilities and a complete re-work of the operating system from the ground up.

Microsoft seems to admit that, although the feature-set of todays’ Windows Mobile is good, the usability is lacking somewhat. “Normal people can’t figure it out”.

It’s great to hear comments like this, because it’s sadly very true. I deal with daily emails to prove it and I can only hope that someone at Microsoft presses the accelerator flat down – this needs doing, and doing quickly if the OS is to survive and compete. Update – The latest market-share figures shown here show just how large the problem is, and how quickly Microsoft must move.

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