Calling all Orange HTC Touch Dual owners!

Calling all Orange HTC Touch Dual owners! Last night I decided to do a quick video showing the HTC Audio Manager the inbuilt graphic equalizer on the HTC Touch Dual. However, I stumbled across something in the process…

When using the touch you’ve got a range of input options – there’s xT9 / ABC on the keyboard and the 20 or 12-key on-screen keyboard… although, I can’t seem to get mine working properly. Is it just me? Are there any other Orange HTC Touch Dual owners having this problem too?

To demonstrate, I need you to create a new text message and select the small arrow next to the on-screen keyboard selector at the bottom. Here’s what mine looks like on the left here – it’s set to the 20-key “Touch Keyboard” however, if I change it to the 12-key “Touch Keypad” nothing happens (see right).. is it just me?

Edit – Even stranger, this only seems to occur in SMS messages – MMS, Word Mobile and other apps seem to switch the keyboard fine?!