I’ll get that pesky rabbit – Rabbit Wars, free!

Ill get that pesky rabbit   Rabbit Wars, free! AIM Productions have just released a new game called Rabbit Wars. This isn’t a fluffy friendly game, but an all-action blast-fest where you lead an army of “lean mean rabbit machines” to fight enemy rabbits!

Your mission is to seek and destroy all enemy rabbits in your territory and recapture any lost ground. It’s time to eat your carrots and use your fighting and tactical skills to out-smart and out-manoeuvre your enemy. This is a great single player and multiplayer game for playing against others. There’s a Pocket PC (Windows Mobile Pro) and Smartphone (Windows Mobile Standard) version and right now you can get the PC version completely free until November 30th by clicking this special link and entering “pocketgamer” as a promo code.

Oh, and have a click on the product page and drool over the video preview too!

Link – Rabbit Wars PromoProduct PageBuy here