Windows Mobile time-lapse video – a how to

Windows Mobile time lapse video   a how to I love messing about with random free programs on the net. Yesterday I downloaded PocketPC CamTimer from (I’ve also added it here). It lets you take a picture at set intervals with your Windows Mobile. You could use this appplication to create a rudimentary security camera, a time-lapse camera or you could attach it to a kite and take sneaky shots of your neighbours 😉

I decided to go all creative and make a time-lapse video of my journey to work. Doing this was really simple – I just downloaded the software, set the capture to every ten seconds and then put the phone in my phone-holder and drove to work. The results are pretty good, even if I do say so myself. 🙂

Read on for the full how-to, or view the YouTube video it created!

OK, here’s the full step-by-step on how to do this…

1 – Download PocketPC CamTimer from or from our download section..

2 – The Zip file contains four files. You only really need three, but extract them all to your computer.

Windows Mobile time lapse video   a how to

3 – You’ll now need to create a folder on your device to put these files in. I’d recommend adding one called…

/Storage Card/My Programs/Timer

..but you could add it to the internal memory if you’d like (/My Programs/Timer). Copy all the files from your computer into here. You should then see something like this through your File Explorer on the device.

Windows Mobile time lapse video   a how to

4 – If you want to get started quickly you can skip to step 6 here, but if you’d like everything “tidy”, do the following.

Click “Copy” on the “CamTimerConfig” file…

Windows Mobile time lapse video   a how to

Now, using File Explorer, go to …

/Windows/Start Menu/Programs

… and choose “Paste Shortcut”, like so…

Windows Mobile time lapse video   a how to

Now you need to rename the file so it doesn’t say “Shortcut to…”. This particular file is the configuration application where you specify the timer interval, so you could call it “Timer Settings” if you wish..

Windows Mobile time lapse video   a how to

5 – Now do exactly the same process for the main application, called “PpcCamTimer”. Both programs should now show in your Programs list now so you’ll not have to worry about going into the File Explorer again.

6 – You now need to modify your camera settings slightly. Go into the camera application and change the “Review Duration” to “No Review”. You can find this in your settings (the little spanner icon)..

Windows Mobile time lapse video   a how to

This lets you take rapid-fire photos without a review window showing up after every one. You must also check where the pictures are stored – choose the Storage Card ideally, otherwise your internal memory will fill up in minutes.

7 – Load up your config file and set the amount of seconds between each shot. It’s actually in milliseconds, so if you get stuck you can use quick conversion tools like this. 1 Second = 1000 Milliseconds, so I’ve got mine set to 10 seconds (10000 milliseconds)

Windows Mobile time lapse video   a how to

8 – Now you’re pretty much done. The only thing that remains is for you to start the timer application itself. Be careful with your timer settings here, because if you’ve set them too quickly it can prove trick to hop back into the PpcCamTimer application and stop it 🙂

Windows Mobile time lapse video   a how to

9 – Once you’ve snapped all the shots you need, you can create a fancy video with the free Microsoft Movie Maker. You’ll probably find this application in “Accessories” on your PC. I simply imported all the pictures, then went into “Options” and set the pictures to have a 0.125 second display time…

Windows Mobile time lapse video   a how to

Then it was just a matter of dragging them into the time-line and adding a royalty free MP3 track from and away you go.

Windows Mobile time lapse video   a how to

10 – Last of all was a simple upload to YouTube and it’s all done! 🙂

Check out the results below…