iMate Ultimate 6150 and 8150 Review

iMate Ultimate 6150 and 8150 Review Things have been a little quiet of late but there is good reason. You’ll already have seen the HTC Touch Dual and SanDisk 6Gb MicroSD card reviews and now, just for you, we’ve got yet another review. The iMate Ultimate range appears on the newly design iMate site and now features two handsets – the iMate Ultimate 8150, with a numeric keypad, and the iMate Ultimate 6150, without a keypad but instead it’s got a slightly larger screen.

Originally we set out to do two reviews, however something strange happened and we ended up putting both handsets into the same review. Why ? Well, the only way you’ll find out is by reading it. :)

Link – iMate Ultimate 6150 and 8150 Review

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