iMate gets new site and new range

iMate gets new site and new range iMate have just launched an all-new website along with a new lineup of handsets. Visit for details of their JAMA 201, 101 and JAMA. The JAMA 201 looks particularly interesting, offering up a QWERTY keyboard and the VGA displays we’ve seen in their Ultimate range.

The iMate website also offers a list of new services, although at present most of these are “coming soon” or links to third-party software like Skype.

We’ve managed to get hold of both an iMate Ultimate 6150 and an iMate Ultimate 8150 – reviews of these are coming soon. There’s no mention of the iMate Ultimate 5150, 7150 or 9150 on the new site though, which could confirm those earlier rumours of their removal from production.

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