Coolsmartphone fundraiser

Coolsmartphone fundraiser We’re currently hosting our server in the USA and pay a high (around £160) monthly rental for it. Following the removal of many adverts I’ve decided to cut costs by buying a server outright and doing “co-location” hosting here in the UK. Basically this means that we buy a lovely big server and get someone else to feed the internet to it. The end result should be lower monthly overheads, less ads, more speed and more control. However, it does mean a rather large up-front cost to buy the thing.

We need around £800 to buy a decent Dell Quad-Core server. To be honest I’ve paid £160 every month for two years – that’s around £3840 for a server that probably only cost £500 in the first place, so this will mean I can stop hassling you guys for money ever again! 😉

I’m going to sweeten the deal by giving away prizes – the HTC Touch we reviewed plus we’re more prizes in the coming weeks. If you are a company and want to get involved in our prize-giving (and get a big plug in the process), let us know so we can share the love! Meanwhile, if you donate, we’ll add your name to our big bucket and pull names out when we reach our target!