HTC Touch Dual – Wot no WiFi?!!?

HTC Touch Dual   Wot no WiFi?!!? Yesterday we covered the launch of the HTC Touch Dual and we stated at the time that “we assume WiFi is on board”. We couldn’t see any mention of it on the product page under “Connectivity” but, in the first and second promo flyer it was mentioned under the “Connectivity” box. To confuse things further we’re now being told by a reliable source that the Touch Dual does not have WiFi.

You guys were quite right to react to our earlier story with comments such as “The original Touch had WiFi – they’d be pretty daft to drop it on the new model”. We’re now fairly confident that the HTC Touch Dual will be launched without WiFi, although we’re confused as to why this decision would have been taken, unless it’s just to push more use of the new on-board 3.5G capabilities.

I can’t say much more right now but, if the image on the right hasn’t already given you a big clue, we’ll know more shortly.

Link – HTC Touch Dual Story