Vodafone announce their Christmas line-up

Vodafone announce their Christmas line up Well, it sounds like summer is officially over. Why? Well, we’ve just been reading what handsets Vodafone will be launching this Christmas… yes, Christmas. There’s a couple of interesting points in this story. Firstly is the fact that Vodafone quote…

“Vodafone will deliver excellent browsing, internet services and message support, including two new Microsoft┬« Windows Mobile┬« handsets”

Hmm.. so what are these additional handsets? Well, our money is on the LG-KS20 to be one of them. It had “Vodafone” plastered all over it during a recent press shoot. The second handset, if we were to really guess, would be the Palm Smartphone, which again appeared in spy shots with “Vodafone” slapped all over it and this could indeed tie in with a Palm announcement on Wednesday.

Now we come to the Windows Mobile that Vodafone did announce today – the Samsung SGH-i640v. Firstly we’re not sure if this is to be included in the “two new handsets”, or if it’s in addition to. It looks suspiciously like the Samsung SGH-i620v which has appeared in the “coming soon” section of the Vodafone Business site. Other than the obvious colour difference we can’t see much change.. perhaps this is a revamped edition for personal customers?

Oh yeah, and there’s a handset called the Vodafone 920 which is a Smartphone (Windows Mobile Standard). Other than that, and the picture below, we know nothing. It didn’t even get a mention in the Press Release, which is weird to the extreme.

Link – Vodafone Press Release

Vodafone announce their Christmas line up