V1615 (TyTNII) Appears on Vodafone website

V1615 (TyTNII) Appears on Vodafone website Well lookie here! It’s that HTC TyTN II we reviewed a while back. You’ll know about the many names by now (AT&T Tilt / T-Mobile MDA Vario III etc) and here’s the Vodafone flavour – the v1615 – on their shop site.

Wait a moment though, it’s not quite ready to rock and roll yet. Vodafone have it as “Coming soon” so you’ll just have to spend a few more days reading about it or, if you’re not one for waiting, grab the network-free HTC TyTN II here! Hurry though, they’ve only got 60-odd left. Oh, and don’t forget about our discount, plus you even get a a bag of free sweets (seriously, check the image below).

Link – Vodafone v1615 @ Vodafone Business Shop

Credit – Johnny De’Silva

V1615 (TyTNII) Appears on Vodafone website
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