Rumour Alert – iPhone-esque Emgeton Mini One

Rumour Alert   iPhone esque Emgeton Mini One Ladies and gentlemen, let me present the Emgeton Mini One Phone. What’s that you say? It looks like an iPhone? Nah, never. Don’t know what you’re talking about. 🙂

This device has appeared on the “What’s New” section of and, should they manage to avoid the Apple lawyers, it will be powered by Windows Mobile 6 Pro. Also expect a GSM radio stack, 720×480 VGA+ screen (yes, I said that), 3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth and an ARM11 CPU kicking out 30 frames per second. are based in the Czech Republic and currently sell MP3 and personal media players, internet telephones, speakers and other gadgets. They’ve set a Q4 release date for this handset although they don’t inspire confidence by saying, “Supposedly, it will also run the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows for mobile devices” on their own website. Perhaps the translator was having a bad day.

Link –

Credit – Rob Hart

Update – Aha, this looks like a rebrand of the Meizu MiniOne, so it looks like they’ve got a reseller agreement (thanks Kevin Darling)