LG Release the KC1

LG Release the KC1 Here’s the LG KC1. On the face of things it’s got everything you could want – an incredibly quick “Marvell Monahans” CPU running at 806MHz (yes, 806Mhz), 512Mb NAND Flash, 128Mb RAM, WiMAX, Bluetooth, T-DMB and a whole lot more. Heck, it’s even got a pretty lady staring into the mid-distance, but we presume she’ll cost extra.

Launched in Korea, it’ll probably not turn up in your local high-street shop any time soon, but we can at least marvel at what’s possible. Given the technology in the phone we find it a bit strange that Windows Mobile 5.0 (Pocket PC) has been chosen as the OS, but hey.

You can find a translated press release here which states, “2.8 inches brightness LCD loading one KC1 ground green onion DMB watching hour, is big more and it embodies the anger quality which is clear”. …. Errmm.. I think that sums it all up really. 🙂

Link – Press Release (Machine Translation)

Picture – LG.co.kr (more here)