Yahoo! Go hits Windows Mobile

Yahoo! Go hits Windows Mobile Yahoo! Go is now available for Windows Mobile devices and will let you read RSS feeds, set up a calendar, address book, view your email, upload and share flickR photos, search and more. You can even use your GPS device to look at maps of your local area and get information specific to your location.

I’ve tried it out had a few difficulties. For a start it didn’t recognise my Windows Mobile Standard (Orange SPV E650 Smartphone) device properly and continually wanted to install the “Pocket PC” (Windows Mobile Pro / Touchscreen) version, which just wouldn’t work. Then it seemed to insist that I used “Canadian English” and I’m still completely lost as to how RSS feeds are actually added in. Regular Yahoo! users will probably feel more at home however, and the software is free so you can’t say much fairer than that.

Get it by browsing here and punching in your mobile number or you can go to direct into your phone. If anyone manages to grab the non-touch screen (Windows Mobile Standard / Smartphone) version, let me know and we’ll put it up here.

Link – Yahoo! Go