HTC Touch arriving at Orange stores

HTC Touch arriving at Orange stores Shh.. don’t tell anyone but we’ve heard that there’s boxes of HTC Touch phones arriving in Orange stores all over the country.

If you’re lucky, and you go to the larger Orange Shops where they’ll no doubt turn up first, you may be able to get your hands on one. You know the deal by now, there’s nothing about it on the Orange website and it’s not showing on the “Coming Soon” bit…. but hey, when has that put us off eh ? Remember how the E650 only appeared on the “Coming Soon” section a week before it showed on their shop site?

It seems that both Orange and T-Mobile (with their MDA Touch) will get these units into shops at pretty much the same time. Let us know whether you’ve managed to get one from either network and send us your pictures, opinions and questions!

Link – HTC Touch Review

Update – Woaha! Mark Surry has managed to bag himself this very handset (pictured right) at the Lakeside Shopping Centre and has posted his thoughts on and he’s also chatting about it in here! Nice one Mark!

Update 2 – Trevor Marshall has just emailed in after picking one up at Orange in Richmond, Surrey. They got their first batch yesterday afternoon, so hop down there if you’re in the area.