Something bad is happening! Quick, get my cameraphone!

Something bad is happening! Quick, get my cameraphone! The events here in the UK over the last few days have really shown some major changes in news gathering. Floods across the UK, bombs in London, cars packed with gas cylinders crashing into Glasgow airport and arrests on the M6.

But were the pictures captured by TV crews? By press photographers? On the whole no. Pictures in Glasgow for example, were taken by holidaymakers on camcorders and phones, including shots just seconds after the vehicle was set alight. We saw the badly burned terrorists jumping out of their jeep and reaching into the back of the vehicle to get at gas cyclinders. Meanwhile, on the M6, cameraphones yet again captured the arrests as police arrested more suspects and people were filming on their phones as houses were raided.

You could say it’s all part of “Web 2.0” – i.e. You supply the content and the websites or news stations get all the reward. What do you think? Is this a good thing or a bad thing?